My husband has been loosing his memory for years. This has been hard for me to watch as we have been married for 36 years. The doctors said that they had done all they could do. Then I found your web site and the list of pharmacies overseas. thanks to you we both have improved because we are trying promising new medications from other countries. We were surprised to find out how the medical system in out country prevents new medications from entering the market. Thank you.
Phoenix, AZ

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My Story...How I discovered mail order overseas pharmacies

This is my story and how I discovered this valuable information as I tried to keep my own children healthy. I hope that it will help you live healthier life while helping to reduce the high cost of your medical care.

My Story...

how to buy low cost prescription medications

     I was tired of going back and forth to my doctor each time one of my children came down with the same illness that was running in the family. I have 2 children. My one daughter has asthma and the cost alone for just her medicine was over $300.00 a month. Plus $60 for each doctor visit just to get the same prescriptions filled or refilled. It all added up quickly. That's $120 in office visits for both and $350 in prescriptions. The grand total was over $450! Not to mention the time off from work waiting in the doctor's office! I was fed up with this slow, overpriced system and began to look into foreign pharmacies. I found legal suppliers for 500 tablets of Amoxicillin for just $36 over seas! My family and I are healthier now and regularly purchase the medications we need quickly and economically without prescriptions. Whether you can't afford the high prices of U.S. drugs or have a hard time finding the medications you need, I hope this information is useful in your quest for better health.  You can do the same by going here to Save Money NOW and buy all of your medications from safe and legitimate overseas pharmacies


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